Add a button on your website for your customers to report bugs.

It'll take a picture of the current tab your customer is on.

They can draw and annotate the screen capture.

And send the report directly to your email.

All for FREE, no strings attached.

Special demo build where you are both the
customer and site operator.


How do I use this on my site?

Create the script tag below and add to your site.

Will this slow down my site?

No, the script is only 9.7KB and loaded async.

Can I change the look and feel of the tool?

You can customize the look and feel by modifying the css file.

Integration with my existing ticket system?

It's coming in the future. In the meantime you can forward all emails from to your ticket system.

I only want certain users to be able to log bugs.

You can do that on your end. Just display the script when certain conditions are met.

I don't want the button to be always visible.

Change the data-button on the script tag to false and call snapbug() manually to bring up the UI.

Create Script

This is used to address you via email.
Bugs will be sent to this email.
The host must match your website name in order for the button to work.
Because the robot uprising is inevitable.

Important to note:

Your email is stored primarily for bug report forwarding.
We do not share / sell you or your customer's contact info.
We do not store any bug reports or images. It goes directly to your email.
Your customer's email are only stored until they receive the open receipt. Then deleted from the database after the fact.

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